By residents of Penryn, for residents of Penryn

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Issue 02

February 2023

Download Zine 5.9 MB PDF
Photo of the first edition of Rynzine
Download Zine 5.9 MB PDF


Made by a determined group of Penryn residents, this pilot is an invitation to join us in producing and distributing future editions.

We hope to deliver a quarterly zine created with residents from all age groups and backgrounds. Something that supports and connects the people of Penryn, and gives them a new voice. A place to not only share information about what’s happening locally but also celebrate our community in fun, creative and productive ways.

This first issue is also an invitation to share information and ideas. We believe this project has the potential to positively impact the lives of people in Penryn and beyond through local action. Whether it is the climate crisis, lack of affordable housing or just day-to-day support for those who are most vulnerable, working together to build community resilience is essential.

Rynzine is not aligned with a political party, is LGBTQIA+ positive, and against all forms of discrimination. We seek to bridge divides and believe that freedom of speech and constructive debate is key to a healthy democratic society. To that end, we invite contributions from all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs. Everybody’s voice matters.


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Subscribe for £2.50 You will be taken to our Stripe checkout in a new browser tab to complete your subscription.


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